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The picture shows the baby diaper production line running in Bangladesh. That is our first production line in the country, till now, it run very well and we have got the praise from our customer.This production line has been designed to produce the full function baby diapers which means that baby diaper are with the high grade features of leg cuff, velcro,magic tape and waist band and so on. Also the structure of the baby diaper could be adjusted according to the design.


The main machine is the full inverter controlled, the single main shaft driven by AC motors.Materials are unwound by inverter motors with constant tension control(one motor control one ). Air shafts foe material feeding, two reels, one is running while the other is standby for automatic splicing from exhausted to new one, thus to ensure machine continuous running without stopping, equipped with auto web guiders. The producing date can be set on HMI interface, graphical control, real-time monitoring and alarming.All of these make sure the safety and high efficiency.