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Jiuxu Sold Two Production Lines to Nigeria

DATE: 2014/02/10



In the previous months of 2014, Jiuxu sold two production lines to Nigeria, one is full servo baby diaper machine with auto packing and Nordson glue machine, the other is full servo sanitary napkins machine with auto packing and Nordson glue machine.

We promised that the price of the two machine is based on the samples what we discussed before. For baby diapers, the customer need the machine to produce baby diapers with frontal velcro tape, elastic waistband, PP side tape, leg cuffs and ADL. While for sanitary napkin making machine, their requirements are as follows:night use 300mm, day use 280mm, SAP+ airlaid paper, pressed with customized logo, with wings.During the visit, the customer followed us to visit the running machines of baby diaper and sanitary napkins manufacturing factory to have a better understanding of what the machine is like.

In addition to the cooperation on manufacturing machines, Jiuxu also reached a cooperation agreement with Nigeria customer regarding the raw materials we supply for baby diapers and sanitary napkins, like SAP, fluff pulp, PE film, non-woven fabric...

We believe this will be a good start for Jiuxu's baby diaper machine and sanitary napkins machine business.